Our Background

The roots of Denver Digital Agency go back to around 2008, when our founder started learning SEO as a personal project in order to help one roofing company in Denver gain an advantage over the competition, and start generating inbound leads organically.

That initial success piqued our curiosity and proved the tremendous power of good SEO. In late 2017, we decided to move out of the freelance world and become a full-fledged digital agency, leveraging our collective backgrounds and decades of experience in SEO, Local SEO, eCommerce SEO, lead generation, web design and development, graphic design, marketing, and sales to great impact.

It has required constant vigilance over the years in keeping up with the ever-shifting landscape of organic search and lead generation (not an easy feat). We have evolved into a tight-knit team of highly skilled digital marketing experts that move the needle for our clients in a variety of industries ranging from home services and construction, to massage and fitness.

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