January 10, 2020

Facebook Ads 2020 - Strategic Ads

Our Facebook Ads 2020 Strategy - Brief rundown

We're first going be talking about how you can take cheap traffic with Facebook Ads 2020 Strategy. Then turning that cheap traffic into purchases. This is a strategy that many people aren't really talking about because most of the strategies out there are trying to get cold traffic onto their website. Then turning that cold traffic into buyers which is completely opposite and the last option that we should be discussing.

In 2019 and 2020 with the state that drop shipping is going through right you want to get high-quality buyers you want to get warm traffic to your website.

Here's the greatest example of how this actually plays out. What a customer usually goes through whenever there are an actual strategy and a marketing tactic being used to customers. Basically, with the awareness stage, this is cold traffic, these are people that never seen your brand before and then once they actually resonate with your brand. Whether it's following your social media accounts with theirs or you getting their email, whether they're reading your blog's, or even whether they landed on your product page with a Google search.

Maybe you're running a Facebook ad with interest ads just for awareness, but here's the thing that most people get this wrong. They're expecting to run the conversion and optimizing for purchases. Facebook is going to go out there and go find those buyers. However, the problem is that those buyers are cold traffic they've never seen your brand before and those conversions are actually going to be really really low. That is why a lot of people don't find success in the beginning stages whenever they're testing their products with Facebook ads 2020. See Facebook business ads.

You have to understand that it's more than just the product it's not about if they want or like or they don't like the product it's all about if they actually trust your brand. When they actually click Add to Cart will they actually initiate the checkout or will they actually put in their credit card information, Then will they actually click the Buy button and actually buy your products.


Ok now that I have received cheap traffic and I retargeted everybody that landed on my website that's engaged with my Instagram page and Ira targeted them with an ad with the exact same product. I was posting content on my Instagram page and then I retargeted every single person that's liked, followed me, or commented on my post. These are all retargeting ads.

Nova is one of the best eCommerce companies out there, they sell fashion products and they sell products to make people look good. So they have an Instagram page they have about sixteen point five million followers with 49,000 posts. If you go to any Instagram page in this day and age it is probably unheard of to have this mini-post on your Instagram page.

That means they literally post content every single hour or so. I'm sure if I refresh this page there will be a new post. They are getting almost close to thirty and fifty thousand likes on each post and the crazy thing is, you know the strategy right here.  I can retarget every single person that's liked this exact post, that's commented on this a post, and that's hit the follow button on this post.

Free Traffic Facebook Ads 2020 way

This is all free traffic right there just literally posting content which you guys can do the execs you can create an Instagram page and retarget every single person, for example, let's say you're in the fitness industry you can post value-based content like "how to get a six-pack in ten different ways" or "how to get bigger arms". You can post content geared towards providing value to your customers.

It doesn't have to be your products as long as you provide value to help them and then you can retarget them. Since they've already seen your brand, and that you are trying to help them in the marketplace. You're not just trying to sell products.

Another good thing that Fashion Nova does you know how many people will actually tag, them how many people actually wear their products, and even celebrities that are tagging them. There's a lot of people that are tagging Fashion Nova and this only adds to their traffic of buyers that they can retarget. Fashion Nova doesn't really run cold traffic, as all their traffic is literally retargeting. Which is going to be the best traffic to your website and the highest quality buyers for your website.

So whenever you're testing these products, you do have to keep in mind that this is a long journey in the starting process of retargeting Facebook ads 2020 strategically.No worry, We have the experience and Facebook ads experience to help you succeed.

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