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Search Engine Optimization Tasks and Timelines

While paid search can be referred to as “renting the property,” with Search Engine Optimization you own the property and get the long-term benefits as an owner. After our experienced professionals take a look at your business, we will fully understand your strengths and weaknesses to assess the best roadmap for your success.

These tasks include:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Review of the Metadata and Website Code
  • Keyword Research (like “SEO Denver” for this page)
  • Review of Current Search Engine standings and room for growth
  • URL Structure Audit (Permalinks)
  • Website Security (https://) and Scan
  • Website Crawl to identify Broken Links, Thin Pages, and Duplicate Content
  • Backlink Report
    • Number of Referring Domains
    • Level of Trust and Authority
    • Proper Use of Directories and Citations

How Does SEO Work?


The question "How does SEO work?" gets asked quite often, but more importantly, potential clients also ask how it will work for you and your business.

We like to break these questions down for our customers so they can get the right understanding. We will explain "How SEO Works" so you can feel comfortable with our SEO process.

OK, so here we go: To understand SEO you first must understand how search engines work. Search engines are just a huge data center that stores website listings. Think of it as a library with tons of resources on a variety of subjects, but online and much grander. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing all try to show the best results to their users so that they can increase their customer base and charge more for ads. They use a variety of algorithms to try and determine the intent of your search so they can provide you with the most relevant results (and the most relevant ads for products and services) - if they can provide you with the most relevant, useful, and desirable results, then you will shop with their advertising clients, Google gets paid, and everyone is happy in theory.

Now that you have the basic explantion of search engines down, here is a brief rundown of how SEO works and our process managing SEO.

Denver SEO /SEM Process

Performance is key. A lot of SEO companies will feed you a line about their sophisticated methods and how they are going to put a whole team on your project building expensive content.  Some will talk about rankings and links. Some will tell you they're the only ones on the block that can perform.

We believe the basics of great SEO comes down to the following factors:

  • Communication: Identifying ideal client and what the competition factors are through collaboration and communication. Sorting through - and getting past - the perceived need to get any business (at any cost) and focusing on getting the right business.
  • Performance: Identifying performance metrics and KPIs. Figuring out what our metrics are on delivery.
  • Relevancy: Google is concerned with providing the right information to a user. Their #1 concern is user experience - are people finding useful information? We create a strategy that involves analysing your resources and producing that which is needed to be seen as a relevant authority on topics which will generate leads or impact your business.
  • Authority: Google wants the mosts authoritative content to rise to the top, that which the most people have deemed worthy. There are lots of methods of building authority, but it has to do with partnerships and creative means of generating signals which tell Google that you are not only relavent, but also authoritative.

SEO Companies often focus on getting through your website as quick as possible. They build a ton of links and write some blog posts, rushing through. We prefer to take our time to do it correctly from the start. You don’t always get rapid, fast results, but you definitely get high-quality SEO done by our knowledgeable team.

A solid SEO company will go the extra mile and work hard to make sure you actually get a return on your investment. Here is our process for getting a website ranked number 1 in major search engines:

  • First, we focus on getting your site to a point where it deserves to rank. We will look through your content to make sure it actually deserves to be at the top. If it doesn’t then we’ll help you re-write it into a more qualified piece.
  • After your site is in a good spot, we then focus on creating new content for the web. This is time-consuming, but imperative to your SEO success. Basically, we create new blog posts, social media posts, press releases, and more to post on and off of your website.

  • Once the high-quality content is written, approved by you, and posted on your site, it then gets picked up all over the web. Depending on the quality of the content, your site could get multiple mentions, backlinks, and other well-deserved attention. This attention then translates into good SEO "juice," as we call it, for your website.
  • Rinse and repeat. Consistently doing this will help your site rank well over time in search engines.

We do SEO in Denver and have been marketing websites through SEO for about twelve years with great results. If you found this page without a referral from someone you know personally, chances are it was because of the SEO work we do. SEO is the process of getting a website ranked higher in the search engines. It takes a lot of hard work and good, clean coding to get a website ranked higher, which makes our jobs very difficult but very rewarding. Out of all the SEO companies in the Rocky Mountain region, Denver Digital Agency is the premier company in the Denver area specializing in SEO.


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